What we do

I help everyday people protect their most important asset; the ability to earn an income. I do this by finding the most cost effective health benefit solutions to your healthcare needs, as well as gearing your plan towards protecting your income as much as possible. I specialize in taking care of major medical needs, supplemental health options, and disability, as well as everything in between!

I also help small businesses provide cost effective, “big business” style benefits to their employees in order to help keep them happy and productive. All without breaking the budget. I do this by learning and understanding the needs and challenges you, your family, and/or your employees face. I then use that information to find the most cost effective, efficient solutions to meet your needs. I have access to the best solutions available anywhere in the marketplace. Call Health Protection Consulting today for a free consultation! There is no obligation to see the solutions that are available to you. Our team will do our very best to meet every aspect of your health needs, and to answer any questions/concerns you may have.